Colombia Hazel Juliana Guevera

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Region: Las Aguilas, La Argentina, Huila, Colombia

Farm: Finca La Terraza

Producer: Hazel Juliana Guevera

Elevation Grown: 1900MASL

Variety: Chiroso

Process: Natural Anaerobic + Dry Fermentation

Tastes like: Apricot, Cherry, Loquat, Molasses, and Milk Chocolate

Introducing our first coffee from Hazel Juliana Guevara. Grown at her farm La Terraza at 1900 meters above sea level. This coffee showcases Hazel’s 15 years of refining coffee cultivation and her collaboration with local growers, utilizing a unique double fermentation technique. The beans are first submerged in anaerobic conditions for 96 hours, followed by a 72-hour dry fermentation, which results in a rich profile highlighted by notes of apricot, cherry, loquat, molasses, and milk chocolate.

The process doesn’t stop there. After fermentation, the beans are washed to eliminate most of the mucilage, pre-dried, and finally sun-dried over two weeks, leveraging natural elements to perfect its taste. Each batch is rigorously tested and rested for 20 days to stabilize the coffee.