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Product description

Region: Calarcá, Quindío, Colombia

Farm: Finca La Carmelita

Producer: Luis Miguel Hoyos

Elevation Grown: 1320MASL

Variety: Castillo

Process: Natural Anaerobic 

Tastes like: Juicy Fruit, Açaí, Creamy Guava, and Raspberry

Introducing a standout offering from producer Luis Miguel, who has aptly named this coffee "Carnaval" (Carnival) to capture its wild and vibrant flavor profile. Cultivated on La Carmelita farm at an elevation of 1,320 meters in Calarcá, Quindío, this Castillo variety is processed using an anaerobic natural method, bringing out a carnival (lol) of flavors that dance on the palate.


La Carmelita, owned by Luis Miguel’s uncle Huberto Jaramillo, has been part of the family for many years. It recently began cultivating specialty coffee under Luis Miguel's influence, who convinced his family of the potential in high-quality, specialty coffee production. While the farm grows the coffee, the actual processing takes place at Luis Miguel’s own facility, Villa Gloria, which is equipped to handle the innovative processing techniques Luis Miguel champions. This arrangement underscores a family commitment to excellence and innovation in coffee production.


The coffee from La Carmelita undergoes a meticulous anaerobic natural process at Villa Gloria. Here’s how it unfolds:

  1. Selection: Beans are carefully selected for uniformity and quality.
  2. Anaerobic Fermentation: Once selected, the beans are placed in sealed tanks without oxygen. This step lasts for approximately one week (168 hours), allowing the development of distinctive flavor profiles.
  3. Monitoring: The fermentation process is closely monitored to ensure optimal conditions are maintained throughout.
  4. Drying: After fermentation, the beans are spread out to dry under controlled conditions, which helps to stabilize the flavors developed during fermentation.
  5. Final Sorting: Post-drying, the beans undergo another round of sorting to ensure only the best quality beans make it to packaging.

This careful and innovative processing results in a coffee with vibrant, complex flavors that truly stand out in the cup.