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Product description

Farm: Finca Primavera

Region: Quindio, Colombia

Elevation Grown: 1600MASL

Variety: 80% Caturra, 20% Castillo 

Tastes like: Orange Blossom Honey, Milk Chocolate, and Sweet Citrus

Ana Maria Donneys is a fifth-generation coffee grower who passionately continues her family's legacy, named  Primitivo in honor of her grandfather. Ana took over five years ago, inspired by her grandfather's belief that  coffee is a deeply social activity. She is dedicated to innovation and science in coffee cultivation and post- harvest processes, viewing her work as an art form that brings out unique flavors. Ana is also a co-founder of the International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Colombia, connecting women in the coffee industry to  create opportunities and boost their economic standing. 

The washed anaerobic process involves an initial 12-hour open tank fermentation to homogenize the cherries' maturity. This is followed by a 48-hour sealed anaerobic fermentation. The coffee is then pulped, washed, and dried over 11 days on raised beds. This meticulous process results in a clean, balanced cup with enhanced flavors and consistency.