Honduras Leticia Lopez

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Product description

Region: Cartagua, Copan, Honduras

Farm: Finca La Unica

Elevation Grown: 1400 MASL

Variety: Parainema

Process: Honey

Tastes like: Chili Mango, Mike & Ike Candy, Agave, Syrupy

NEW ORIGIN PART 2! We’re thrilled to introduce a second coffee from Honduras to our menu. Leticia Lopez Hutchins is the heart behind Finca La Unica in Cartagua, Copan, Honduras. She’s known for her pioneering spirit and dedication to quality. Leticia is a fifth-generation coffee farmer who transformed a former cattle farm into a thriving coffee farm.

Finca La Unica, located at an elevation of 1400 meters, is known for micro-lots that reflect the farm’s rich terroir. Leticia's skill is evident in every step, from hand-selecting cherries to processing, drying, and storage. 

We’re grateful to have built a relationship with Finca Terrerito, our connection to Leticia and her coffee. Finca Terrerito is a fifth-generation specialty coffee farm in Copan, Honduras. They source from their own farms and neighboring ones, focusing on improving the lives of their community members by building resources like clinics and schools.