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Product description

Region: La Naranja, Peru

Farm: Finca El Cedro

Producer: Tomás Bueno Medina

Elevation Grown: 1850 MASL

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Washed

Tastes like: Vanilla, Root Beer Candy, Cherry

Introducing our latest selection from Peru, a coffee from Tomás Bueno, truly a remarkable example of specialty from Finca El Cedro. This coffee is the result of the meticulous care and passion of Tomás Bueno Medina and his family. At their 2-hectare farm nestled in La Naranja, they cultivate the Bourbon variety, shaded by the region’s native cedar trees.

The unique processing method Tomás employs is central to the coffee's distinctive flavor. During harvest, Tomás and his wife carefully handpick ripe cherries, a practice that ensures only the best quality beans are selected. These cherries are then rinsed and left to drain for two hours, a crucial step in preserving their natural flavors.

What follows is a meticulously controlled double fermentation process. The rinsed cherries are placed in barrels, where they undergo a 48-hour fermentation under shade, at a stable temperature of 14-16°C. This initial phase is critical for developing the coffee's complex flavor profile. After this, Tomás pulps the coffee, returning it to the barrels for a further 48-hour fermentation. This double fermentation approach enhances the depth and clarity of flavors.

Post-fermentation, the coffee undergoes a rigorous washing process. Tomás washes the beans three times, ensuring all mucilage is removed. The beans are then allowed to rest, draining any remaining water for 2-3 hours. This careful attention to detail during washing is what gives the coffee its clean and distinct taste.

The final stage involves a solar drying process, lasting 20-25 days. Tomás ensures that the beans reach an optimal moisture content, a crucial factor in preserving the coffee's quality and extending its life.

This Bourbon variety from Tomás represents a fusion of traditional farming practices and innovative processing methods. The result is a coffee that not only tastes exceptional but also tells the story of a family's dedication to coffee cultivation in Peru.

Special thanks to Frank at Yellow Rooster for sharing Tomás' story with us and for providing us with the image we used on the label.