Burundi Ninga Hill

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Product description

Region: Ninga Hill, Muramvya Province, Kayanza, Burundi

Processing Site: Ninga Washing Station

Producers: 764 Producers

Elevation Grown: 1800-2000 MASL

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Washed 

Tastes like: Tangerine, Carmelized Sugar, Guava, and Grapefruit

Ninga Hill, located in Muramvya Province, Burundi, is known for producing complex and elegant coffees. The Ninga Washing Station processes coffee using its own water source. In the fully washed process, cherries are floated, hand-sorted, pulped, and dry-fermented for twelve hours. The parchment is footed to remove mucilage, rinsed, soaked, and pre-dried on covered tables for six to forty-eight hours. It then slow dries on African raised tables for sixteen to twenty days until reaching 10.5% moisture. 

The Ninga community, situated far from electricity, faces significant challenges. Coffee Scouts like Sakubu work closely with farmers, promoting sustainable practices and guiding them through the harvest to ensure high-quality production. 

Despite decades of conflict and neglect, Ninga Hill farmers have continued to produce remarkable coffees. The Ninga Washing Station, established to support these farmers, has yielded stunning coffees over the past few harvest seasons. The farmers' perseverance and the station's dedication result in phenomenal coffees that are known to be complex.

We want to give a special big thanks to Osito for bringing this incredible coffee to us and especially to the Long Miles Coffee Project. Founded by Ben and Kristy Carlson, Long Miles Coffee has been instrumental in transforming Burundi's coffee industry by supporting over 5,500 coffee farming families with agricultural assistance, paying higher prices & annual premiums, and keeping longevity and traceability on the forefront.

Thanks to David Stallings at Osito for sharing the beautiful image that ended up on our label.