Colombia Ana Maria Donneys - 3 Bag Bundle

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Product description

Three 250G bags of coffee from Ana Maria Donneys. This is a one time only bundle release.

Ana Maria Donneys is a fifth-generation coffee grower who passionately continues her family's legacy, named  Primitivo in honor of her grandfather. Ana took over five years ago, inspired by her grandfather's belief that  coffee is a deeply social activity. She is dedicated to innovation and science in coffee cultivation and post- harvest processes, viewing her work as an art form that brings out unique flavors. Ana is also a co-founder of the International Women Coffee Alliance (IWCA) Colombia, connecting women in the coffee industry to  create opportunities and boost their economic standing. 

Washed Process

Farm: Finca Primavera

Region: Quindio, Colombia

Elevation Grown: 1600MASL

Variety: 80% Caturra, 20% Castillo 

Tastes like: Orange Blossom Honey, Milk Chocolate, Sweet Citrus

The washed anaerobic process involves an initial 12-hour open tank fermentation to homogenize the cherries' maturity. This is followed by a 48-hour sealed anaerobic fermentation. The coffee is then pulped, washed, and dried over 11 days on raised beds. This meticulous process results in a clean, balanced cup with enhanced flavors and consistency.

Honey Process

Farm: Finca Villa Libia

Region: Quindio, Colombia

Elevation Grown: 1550MASL

Variety: Caturra

Tastes like: Apricot Jam, Tamarind, Golden Raisins

The honey anaerobic process begins with careful selection and density sorting. After a 12-hour open tank fermentation, the coffee undergoes a 72-hour anaerobic fermentation. The coffee is pulped but retains its mucilage, then dried for 15 days. This process enhances the coffee’s sweetness and fruity notes while maintaining a clean profile.

Natural Process

Farm: Finca La Paloma

Region: Quindio, Colombia

Elevation Grown: 1500MASL

Variety: Caturra

Tastes like: Runts Candy, Guava Juice, Pink Lady Apple

The natural anaerobic process includes manual selection, density sorting, and a third selection on raised beds. After an overnight oxidation, the cherries ferment anaerobically for three days. The drying process takes about 20 days on raised beds. This method produces a clean, sweet, and vibrant cup with exceptional clarity and depth of flavor.