Colombia Juan Puerta Strawberry

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Product description

Region: Armenia, Quindio, Colombia

Farm: La Sirena

Processed and Dried: Juan Puerta & Fernando Montoya of Sens Coffee

Elevation Grown: 1386MASL

Variety: Castillo

Process: Strawberry Osmotic Dehydration

Tastes like: Strawberry Limonada, Fruit Punch, and Smucker's Jam


In a delightful encore to our first co-fermentation offering, we're thrilled to unveil our second coffee from Juan David Puerta, a visionary in the fusion of food science and coffee.


Our latest coffee begins with a meticulous selection of coffee cherries at the peak of ripeness, followed by a flotation process to weed out any that are less than perfect. The chosen fruits embark on a three-day dry fermentation.

Post-fermentation, the cherries are pulped and then submerged in a rich concoction of concentrated glucose juice, strawberries, and an assortment of red fruits. The glucose juice, with Brix levels finely tuned to 55, initiates a remarkable osmotic dehydration process. This intricate dance of flavors, lasting three days, infuses the coffee with an unparalleled depth and complexity, culminating in a sun-drying phase that spans approximately 15 days.


This extraordinary coffee is the fruit of our continued partnership with Juan Puerta and the expertise of Fernando Montoya at Sens Coffee. Our collective efforts aim to highlight the groundbreaking work being done in coffee processing, where tradition meets innovation head-on.

We're also grateful for the role of Yellow Rooster in nurturing this collaboration, creating the connections and taking on the responsibility of importing.


At the heart of the specialty coffee industry lies the balance between preserving tradition and welcoming innovation. Juan is a testament to this balance, showcasing how co-fermentation can introduce a symphony of flavors that redefines our understanding of coffee.

This process not only enriches our palates but also provides a sustainable avenue for the hardworking individuals behind every cup. By embracing these innovative techniques, we're not just enjoying wildly juicy and fruity coffee; we're also supporting the livelihoods of those who contribute to our journey.