Ethiopia Bookkisa

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Product description

Region: Bookkisa, Swana, Shakiso, Guji, Ethiopia

Drying Station: Dambi Uddo (Sookoo Coffee) -- Ture Waji

Elevation Grown: 2000-2150MASL

Variety: Gibirinna 74110 & Serto 74112

Process: Natural

Tastes like: Sweet Lemon, Strawberry Dum Dums, and Lavender

Introducing our latest offering at Resident - the Ethiopia Bookkisa, a remarkable coffee hailing from the high hills of Shakiso, Guji, Ethiopia. This coffee is a direct result of meticulous care of the small-holder farmers in Bookkisa under the guidance of Ture Waji at the Dambi Uddo drying station operated by Sookoo Coffee.

The journey from cherry to cup is a rigorous and deliberate one. The cherries, once fully ripened, are collected and immediately sorted to ensure only the ripest make it to the drying stage. What follows is a careful natural drying process on raised African beds, a practice that requires precise attention to detail and nearly a month's time, allowing for the inherent fruit flavors to intensify, while avoiding over-fermentation. The beans then rest, or 'mektet', in Amharic, to further develop their character before being hand-sorted and color-sorted (using technology in Addis Ababa), ensuring only the best makes its way to you.