Rwanda Gasharu

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Product description

Region: Lake Kivu, Gasharu, Kigali, Rwanda

Elevation Grown: 1750-2100MASL

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process: Natural

Tastes like: Melon, Grape Juice, and Jolly Rancher

This is our third year working with Gasharu through Umuko Coffee. We've been delighted each year to proudly represent the work that their community does. If you have had a chance to experience this coffee before, we're proud to say that the cup quality has only improved. 

Gasharu coffee farms and washing station are located on the shores of Lake Kivu and a short distance from Rwanda Nyungwe National Park. The climate and elevation in this area are ideal for coffee trees; creating beautiful delicate and complex flavors in the cup.

We’re blessed to be able to work with our importing partner Umuko Coffee to present coffee from Rwanda. Owner, Chris Rusatira’s family has been growing and processing coffee in Rwanda for more than four decades! He has seen the difficulties with coffee farming in Rwanda first hand. Umuko’s mission is to break the cycle of poverty in coffee communities by paying living-wages and caring for the long-term needs of producers. Their hand-in-hand partnership with family-owned Gasharu Coffee allows them to work closely with producers to make this happen.