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Product description

Region: Salento, Quindio, Armenia, Colombia

Farm: Finca El Ocaso

Producers: Santiago Patiño

Elevation Grown: 1780-1890MASL

Variety: Papayo

Process: Natural Anaerobic

Tastes like: Lemon Drops, Curuba, Hibiscus, Clean & Juicy

We had the opportunity to meet Santiago at the Producer Roster Forum (PRF) in Medellin, Colombia last year. We got to hear about his heart for coffee education, variety specific cultivation, as well as clean consistent processing. We carried one of his coffees, a Pink Bourbon variety, under the label "El Ocaso" last year, but this release is under his name! Santiago is a big voice in the specialty coffee industry in Colombia and we encourage you to follow him on Instagram here!


The Papayo coffee variety is a fascinating and relatively rare find, particularly known for its cultivation in Colombia's Huila Department and other select regions. This variety is celebrated for its unique characteristics and exceptional cup quality.

Papayo is recognized for its elongated cherries, which resemble the papaya fruit, hence the name. The beans share a physical resemblance to the Pacamara variety but offer a cup profile that is notably sweeter and as floral as the Geisha variety. This variety was initially thought to be a mutation of Caturra but genetic testing linked it closely to Ethiopian Landraces, indicating a significant genetic divergence from more common Colombian varieties.


This coffee was anaerobically fermented for 120 hours in sealed tanks and then the cherries were dried on raised African beds.